NoReturn english edition of NoReturn?


Founder / Gründer
Hi, everybody,

I have been asked several times if and when an english edition of NoReturn will be released. I can tell you: There will be an english version!

The current status is that some texts have already been translated and I have spoken to distributors who would like to take over the international distribution of the English books.

So what has to happen to get NoReturn in English?
Currently, the German version is nearing the end of its first edition and will be adjusted in the area of rule explanation, descriptions of equipment and other questions that appeared in the community. So there will be no change of the rules, only an improvement of unclean texts. Once this revision is complete, the texts will be formatted for the second German edition and translated for the first English edition. So we have directly the revised and better explained rules in the English version.

When can we expect the English edition?
Such forecasts are always difficult. I am firmly convinced that the complete translation will be completed in 2019. Then the layout will have to be adapted, legal issues for the labeling of the books will have to be clarified and many discussions will have to be held. The topic of financing (e.g. via crowd funding) must also be clarified. A publication in 2020 is therefore realistic according to the current state of knowledge.

With the publication, all contents of the Living Rules will also be translated into English and published. Of course Patreon is already open to everyone and I try to keep my postings in German and English as well.

All in all there is still a lot of work to do. I am very happy to go this way with you and to get international feedback.

Thank you,
your Manni